Blackjack is a real winner’s game

Blackjack is a real winner's game

One of the most popular casino entertainment is the blackjack game. We tell you about the rules, and also give advice on how to count points during the distribution and what nuances are important to consider. And in the end we will advise places to play online, including poker – a game that is much easier to learn how to play plus at a distance.

Blackjack Rules against the Dealer

In gambling establishments, you can play blackjack against a slot machine or in the company of a real dealer. Most gamblers choose the second option, because there is an opportunity to communicate with both the dealer and other visitors of the institution.

Beginners are mistaken, believing that according to the rules of blackjack, it is necessary to score 21 points. In fact, the task is to score more points than will be in the dealer’s hand. And at the same time, do not go over it yourself – or hope that the dealer will go over it. Busting (that is, more than 21 points) automatically guarantees defeat to both the visitor and the dealer.

There are 7 boxes on the classic table, while players are allowed to take several at once, making separate bets. Each draw begins with the fact that the dealer hands out two cards to all occupied boxes in the open. He does not forget about himself, but he shows the players only one of his cards. Now it’s time for visitors to make decisions: stop, take an additional card or refuse to draw, taking back half of the bet (this option is not available in all variations of the game).

How to count points?

All the cards from the classic French 52-card deck are used to collect combinations. Jokers are not needed in blackjack. Each card has its own meaning:

From 2 to 9 — the value is intuitive: 2 — two points, 4 — four, 7 — seven points, etc.

Tens, jacks, queens, kings — all these cards are called “tens” and give strictly 10 points

An ace card can give 1 or 11 points, depending on what is more beneficial to the owner at a particular moment of the hand.

Side rules

Side rules Blackjack

In the hand, players have the opportunity to perform additional actions. We tell you about them.

1Refusal (Surrender)You refuse to participate further in the drawing. This option is not available in all types of blackjack. At the same time, the dealer takes half of your bet. The opportunity should be used when the dealer has a high card, and you have the worst number of points – 15 or 16. At the same time, the casino usually does not allow the “sarrender” to do against the ace.
2Split (Split)The opportunity appears when you have two identical cards in your hands. In case of separation, you will have to pay another bet, the game on one box turns into a game of two hands at once. There is a limit on the number of divisions:
For all cards — usually three;
For aces — only one, and it is impossible to collect cards, the dealer will put only one to each ace (and if a picture comes, you will get 21 points, blackjack will not be counted).
3Doubling (Double)An interesting option for drawing, which you need to think about when you have 9 to 11 points in your hands, and the dealer has a small card (ideally 5 or 6). In case of doubling, you pay the dealer another bet, and he gives you only one more card.
4BlackjackThe combination that gave the name to the game. It consists of two cards: any “ten” and an ace. If you manage to collect it and you win (the dealer does not have blackjack), it is paid in an increased amount, 3 to 2. For example, at a bet of $10, you will receive $15 on top, that is, the payout will be $ 25.
5Insurance (Insurance)The opportunity to insure against the presence of a blackjack dealer. It is offered by the croupier when he has an ace open (in some casinos, you can request insurance even with an open ten). You deposit half of the bet and, if the casino representative does have a blackjack, you get a payout of 2 to 1.
Using insurance is strictly a negative tactic. You don’t often see nats on the hands of a croupier, so you will just slowly give money to the casino using this option.
6Equal money (Even Money)In situations where you have managed to collect blackjack, and the dealer has an ace open, you can use this option and get the usual payout of 2 to 1 (not 3 to 2).
Another trick from the casino, which is better to ignore – it is easy to calculate that at a distance this opportunity will only bring losses.

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