Rules of the roulette game in an online casino

Rules of the roulette game in an online casino

After the invention in the middle of the XVII century, roulette was repeatedly banned. Now it is one of the most popular gambling games. The basic rules of roulette in a casino are known even to those who have never been to a casino. Before placing bets, they should be studied in detail.

Varieties of roulette in the casino

In online casinos, you can find dozens of varieties of roulette (3D, mini, without zero, classic with additional rules, etc.), but there are only three basic types:


The most popular version, which is considered traditional. It is with her that it is better to start acquaintance with gambling entertainment. European Roulette includes a field of 36 numbered sectors (from 1 to 36) and zero. The player bets on one of them and receives a payout if the ball stops at the desired number. The operator’s advantage is 2.7%, and the theoretical return is 97.3% — this is more than in most slots;


The field in it is the same as in the European one. But the terminology used is in French. The peculiarity of this variety is the La Partage rule, which reduces the advantage of the institution by half (up to 1.35%). This makes French roulette more profitable for the player;


The key feature is the double zero, which increases the casino’s advantage to 5.26%. The additional sector allows you to place special types of bets, for example, on two zeros. The theoretical return is 94.74%.

Classic rules of the game

Classic rules of the game Roulette

How to play roulette online, everyone knows approximately from literature and movies. For new customers, it makes sense to tell about the rules in detail.

Internal bids

The chips in the field are usually moved to a specific number. For this bet there is a term Straight Up or Single, which means “straight” or “single” bet. A player from Russia will say “to the room”.

Other bets that overlap several squares on the field:

  • Split — for two numbers. The chip is placed on the border of the cells;
  • Street — for three rooms. The chip is placed on the edge of the playing field, closer to the participant;
  • Corner (Corner) or square — for four numbers. The chip is placed at the intersection of the lines of the playing field;
  • Six-line — for six numbers. The chip is also placed on the border of the field, but at the intersection of the lines;
  • Zero is also an internal bet, an independent “to the room”. With the participation of the “zero” cell, splits, streets and corners can be formed, but not six-lines.

External bids

The boxes adjacent to the main field are intended for betting on groups of numbers. At the same time, the numbers are scattered on the wheel and are not adjacent.

Bets on equal chances, giving a win with a probability of 48.65%:

  • Red-Black (Red, Black);
  • Small-large (1-18, 1-36);
  • Even-Odd (Even, Odd).

There are also unequal odds, winning with a probability of 32.4%: dozens (Dozen) and columns or columns (Column).

Casino Roulette Strategies

In roulette, luck determines the result. But experienced players use systems and tactics that help to properly manage the bankroll and increase the chances of winning. They mainly concern the control of finances:

Bank restriction

The amount used only for gambling entertainment should be limited. When playing online, the rounds are fast, so it is advisable to have at least 1000 bets in the bankroll. In land-based establishments where the table limits are higher, the amount depends on the financial capabilities of the player. By analogy with poker, it is enough to allocate from 30 bets for a session at one table;

Average rate

Small denominations will allow you to keep the bankroll longer. It is optimal to divide the bank into two unequal parts: 75% should be spent on equal chances, 25% should be used for aggressive play, which can bring the greatest profit. This is a moderate risk strategy;

Stop Loss

An effective way to limit losses. The exact limit of the loss depends on the amount of the deposit. In one session, it is advisable to spend no more than a tenth of the bankroll;

Stop Win

It is required to determine in advance the maximum value of the winnings in monetary terms or as a percentage of the size of the pot. Experienced players are advised to pause in case of an increase in the active deposit by 20-30% and withdraw the winnings. Users who prefer an aggressive strategy can use this amount for risky bets with large payout ratios.

Most winning roulette strategies are based on probability theory and mathematical calculations. When playing in land-based establishments or Live Casino, possible wheel defects and the dealer’s individual handwriting are taken into account.  In this case, they try to predict the result based on an estimate of the rotation speed, taking into account the initial position of the ball on the wheel.

The effectiveness of tactics can be assessed based on the feedback of experienced players. Some systems do work. But it is important to understand that there is no strategy that allows you to win constantly, and the advantage is always on the side of the casino. The player can only increase his chances.

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