Introducing Slotomania

Introducing Slotomania

Pioneered by Playtika, Slotomania revolutionized the online gaming scene by being among the first to introduce free casino games on social platforms. Fast forward to today, and while there’s a wide range of social gaming sites, Slotomania continues to stand tall as a top pick.

For slot players not keen on wagering real money but yearning for an authentic gaming rush, Slotomania is a perfect fit. It offers a vast array of casino games, alluring bonuses, and vibrant visuals that promise hours of entertainment. And if you’re thinking you need to be glued to your PC to enjoy the fun? Think again! With their mobile-friendly platform, you can spin reels on-the-go, whether you’re chilling at home, commuting, or just grabbing a quick gaming break.

Range of Games

Slotomania promises unmatched gaming catering to a range of devices from PCs to mobile gadgets. For those who love being social, connecting through Facebook is a bonus.

What stands out about the platform?

  • Diverse Compatibility: Play on a PC, Mac, or mobile device with a seamless user flow;
  • Exclusive Slots: A rich collection of 70 carefully crafted slot games that are exclusive to this casino;
  • Starting Game – Vegas Cash: Every player’s journey begins here, but there’s much more to unlock;
  • Earn as You Play: Dive into games, earn coins, and use them to unlock more thrilling slot adventures;
  • Regular Additions: The Slotomania team isn’t one to rest. They keep adding new slots, ensuring you always have fresh challenges awaiting.

All About Slots

Slotomania is all about slots. There are over 170 slot games to pick from, and new ones are added every month. These games are special because you can’t find them anywhere else; they’re only at Slotomania.

Slotomania works a bit differently. When you start, not all games are ready to play. But don’t worry! You can use your coins to open new games quickly. So, the more you play, the more games you can enjoy.

Coin Mechanics 

Slotomania stands out as a purely social casino. Real money isn’t involved. Instead, players dive into games using free coins. These coins are handed out as a welcome gift and are replenished daily. Besides buying options, Slotomania showers players with numerous fun ways to stack up on these free coins. Some notable coin-earning features include:

  • SlotoQuest: Dive into a challenge – be it easy, medium, or hard – and reap gold coins. The tougher your chosen quest, the richer the coin reward;
  • SlotoCards: Picture these as your fun collectible cards. Need one? Just tap on a card to know how to snag it. Maybe it’s tied to a game or a level. Complete a card album, and a coin bonus lands in your lap;
  • Social Rewards: Slotomania is big on community vibes. Sync your Slotomania and Facebook accounts to not just share coin wins with pals, but also to join the lively contests and giveaways on Slotomania’s social media handles.

Payment Procedures 

While Slotomania stands firm as a social casino, which means you’re not bound to spend real money, players have the option to boost their gameplay. Want to know how? Let’s delve into:

  • Buy Coins & Boosters: Players can choose to buy coins or even unique boosters. These boosters uplift your gaming odds, helping you zoom through the club levels and unlock more coins and goodies. And oh, about the club rewards? We’ll dive into that soon;
  • Variety of Payment Methods: Slotomania plays nicely with diverse payment avenues. Downloaded the app? Your Apple or Google account’s payment method can be your go-to for in-app purchases. Otherwise, there’s always PayPal, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Mastercard at your service;
  • Friend Bonuses: Here’s the cool part. Buy a booster, and if you’re connected to pals on Facebook via Slotomania, they get a neat little reward too! A win-win, isn’t it;
  • Discounts: Before hitting the ‘buy’ button, ensure you peek into the Slotostore. Why? There might be active coupons waiting for you, giving discounts or adding more value to your coin bundles;
  • Withdrawals? Nope! Remember, Slotomania thrives on pure entertainment. The coins you earn or buy are for in-game use. Unlike some sweep casinos, like, you can’t cash out your wins.


Promotions Slotomania

Slotomania is not just about playing games; it’s also about reaping rewards. The promotional offers are vast and varied to enhance your gaming. Key Promotional Highlights:

  • Welcome Bonus: Upon registration, new players are greeted with bonus coins;
  • Regular Bonuses: Every two hours, you’re given the chance to claim special bonuses. And, should you wish to purchase more coins, there’s a bonus waiting for you;
  • Event-Based Promos: Holidays or special events see players getting more value for their money, with added coin bonuses;
  • Special Games & Jackpots: Engage in exclusive games where advancing reaps bonuses. Jackpots come around often, offering massive coin rewards and enticing in-game prizes;
  • Social Media Perks: Following Slotomania on platforms like Facebook can be rewarding. Special promotions and free coins are often up for grabs for the platform’s social media followers.

Playtika Rewards Loyalty Program

Slotomania’s loyalty program boasts a structured tier system. As players advance, they unlock more benefits. The levels include:

  • Bronze: Every player’s journey begins here with a daily gift of 250 coins;
  • Silver: Reach this level either by making a purchase or simply playing. Perks include a heftier daily gift, 2x status points on level-ups and purchases, and a 15% bump in the Mega Bonus prize;
  • Gold: Acquire 4,000 status points to revel in benefits like a 100,000 coin daily bonus and over double the status points on level-ups and purchases;
  • Platinum to Black Diamond: Each subsequent level, from Platinum to the elusive Black Diamond, requires more status points but offers exponential rewards. Reaching Black Diamond is the pinnacle, with perks so exclusive that they’re kept under wraps.

Security Measures

Slotomania holds its players’ security in the highest regard. Key security features:

eCogra Security Badge

This badge stands as a testament to the platform’s dedication to ensuring a fair and secure gaming environment;

Data Privacy

While creating an account necessitates the sharing of personal information, Slotomania ensures the utmost confidentiality. Your data is never traded, sold, or disclosed to third parties. However, you might receive occasional updates and promotional news to elevate your gaming adventure, which you can always choose to opt out of;

Trusted Social Integration

Slotomania exclusively collaborates with leading social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to ensure your safety during social play;

In-App Purchases

Slotomania offers the option of in-app purchases. Rest assured, your financial transactions are safeguarded by cutting-edge SSL encryption technology. If you prefer, you can deactivate in-app purchases via your mobile device’

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