Baccarat is a Simple Table Game for Easy Gambling

Baccarat is a Simple Table Game for Easy Gambling

Baccarat is a popular gambling table game, the goal of which is to score 9 points. It is not clear exactly the origin of this game, but the main candidates for the role of creator are Italy, France and Spain. The history of baccarat is not really that important, it is more interesting to see what it is all about. 

Because of the growing popularity of this game, more and more people want to understand it. It’s quite easy to do this, as baccarat is considered one of the simplest gambling games to explain. And by reading this article, you will learn how to play it and win.

Cards in Baccarat

This game has its own special card counting, which is very important to consider before you sit down at the table. If you think that it is basically the same as Blackjack, you are mistaken. The basic rules that apply to card values and card counting are:

  • Cards with a value of 10, jack, queen, king equate to 0 points, an ace gives 1 point, the rest are equal to their value;
  • If you have a hand sum above 9, then your game number is the last figure, i.e. with a score total of 13, you have 3 points.

These are the specific features of baccarat that you need to remember.

Order of Play

When you sit down at the table, you start the game versus the other players and the banker. All of you are handed two cards, and you count them. By special rules, some players and the banker may get a third card. Any player with a score of 9, or 8 if no one has a 9, wins. If the player and the banker have equal points, the “Tie” bet wins. The payouts for the “Player”, “Banker” and ” Tie” are different:

  • The payout for winning the “Player” bet is 2 to 1;
  • A win on “Banker” pays out 1.95 to 1, as the bank takes 5% for itself;
  • A win on the ” Tie” bet gives odds of 9 to 1.

Procedure for Third Card Dealt

The third card in some variants can be given according to desire, but most often there are situations when it is dealt under special conditions. For the player everything is simple – it is necessary to get the sum to 5 points or less, and then he will get the third card. For the banker there is an opportunity to get additional points:

  • If the banker has 0 to 2 points;
  • If the banker has 3 points and the player’s third card is not equal to 8;
  • The banker points is equal to 4 and the player’s third card is between 2 and 7;
  • The banker score is equal to 5 and the player has an additional card with a value between 4 and 7;
  • If the banker’s point total is 6 and the player’s third card has a face value of 6 or 7.

A score of 8 or 9 points is called a natural stand.

Counting Winnings, or Scoreboards

There are ways to count wins in baccarat, and the casino is absolutely fine with it. What’s more, you may be given sheets and pens, and in online casinos you’ll find special boards. The whole point is that previous hands have no way to affect the outcome of the next game. Some people think that keeping such a record will help them to calculate and win, but this is not true. Because of the fact that you will face such boards, it is worth knowing the following:

  • Blue color – victory of the player;
  • Red color – victory of the banker;
  • Green color – tie.

These scoreboards can have different looks, but it is not worth going into them in detail.

Differences of Various Types of Baccarat

Differences of Various Types of Baccarat

Since this game is widespread, the rules are slightly different. And although the basics are the same, it’s a good idea to understand what aspects may be unfamiliar to you and be prepared for it. Common differences between types of baccarat include the following:

  • Number of decks of cards from 1 to 8;
  • Number of players up to 14;
  • Constant dealer or changing one;
  • The rules of dealing and getting additional cards, as well as the amount of payment;
  • Payouts may not come from the casino itself, but from the sum of other players’ bets.

These are the main points that you should know before sitting down at a real or virtual table with baccarat.