Is 1Win Betting Available in Burkina Faso?

Is 1Win Betting Available in Burkina Faso?

Users from Burkina Faso have access to all the services that 1Win’s international platform provides. You can bet on sports and play casino games. Also, those who live in the country can activate all the incentives provided for in the 1Win Burkina Faso bonus policy.

Is it Legal to Bet in Burkina Faso at 1Win?

Users from Burkina Faso can make sports predictions at 1Win. Although the country does not regulate gambling and betting on a legal level, users can rest assured that they will not be breaking any of the country’s laws.

1Win fulfils the regulations regarding the protection of bettors. In addition, the company has a Curacao licence. The authorisation, issued by a special commission, confirms the honest fulfilment of financial obligations to users.

Who Can Bet at 1Win Burkina Faso?

Anyone who has created an account can start making predictions. This opportunity is available to those who have not previously registered on the platform, have reached the age of 18 years. In addition, the bettor must not be on the register of those who have restricted access to gambling entertainment.

There are different ways for users to register. You can register via email, phone, or an account on one of the social networks popular in Burkina Faso. Quick registration is also available, where login and password are generated automatically.

Which Bets Can be Placed at 1Win?

Pre-match betting is the most common betting method in Burkina Faso, where bets are placed before the match starts. Not only regular predictions are available, but also futures. The latter are made on the result of the whole championship.

You can also make live predictions. When betting on a competition that has already started, you can watch its broadcast in high quality, thus increasing the accuracy of forecasting. You can also familiarise yourself with statistical information and make a cashout, if necessary.

For those competitions that do not have video broadcasts, graphic broadcasts are available. They are used to show the course of the game schematically. Viewing such graphs, as well as video broadcasts, helps to increase the accuracy of prediction.

1Win guarantees bettors almost instant live betting. This allows bettors to place a bet at the exact odds that have been selected. This is important as live prediction quotes are constantly changing up/down.

Sports Available at 1Win

Is 1Win Betting Available in Burkina Faso?

The platform offers both sports disciplines popular in Burkina Faso and those unusual to the country. The most popular are:

  • Football;
  • Volleyball;
  • Car racing;
  • Martial arts;
  • Basketball.

It is for these sports disciplines that the most leagues and markets are provided. Exotic sports include:

  • Floorball;
  • Handball;
  • Rugby;
  • American football;
  • Motorbike racing.

Even for sports that are unpopular in Burkina Faso, 1Win provides plenty of events.

Cybersports Predictions at 1Win

The platform enables you to predict events related to competitive video games. Burkina Faso users are the most frequent bettors:

  • MOBA game League of Legends;
  • Tactical shooter Rainbow Six;
  • Starcraft II strategy game.

The cybersports lineup includes both regional and international leagues.

Virtual Sports Betting at 1Win

You can also bet on virtual sports matches at 1Win. The outcome of such predictions depends on chance alone, so the bettor doesn’t have to spend time analysing them. In Burkina Faso, virtual matches are the most popular:

  • Football;
  • Cricket;
  • Golf;
  • Horse racing;
  • Dog races.

When you make a prediction for a virtual match, you don’t have to wait for the bet to be settled. Whether a bet wins or loses is determined in seconds.

Classification of Bets at 1Win by Number of Marques

The simplest type of bets available on the platform are ordinals. Such bets involve 1 market, give a prize equal to the product of the amount bet and the odds.

If a bettor is ready to take risks for a chance to win big, he can make an express bet. Such a bet includes several marquee bets, and when calculating the prize, all odds are multiplied by each other.

Experienced bettors can try to make a system. Such a bet consists of several expresses. The payout depends directly on how many of the bets included in the system have won.

How to Bet at 1Win Burkina Faso?

You can make a forecast by filling in the coupon after depositing funds on the balance. You will need to select a sports discipline, tournament, markets, and specify the bet size. The 1Win website has a user-friendly interface, no unnecessary elements, so you can fully concentrate on making predictions.

You can even place bets in Burkina Faso from your smartphone. For this purpose, the company has provided a downloadable application that can be installed on Android and iOS devices. The programme has an interface adapted for touch screen displays and allows you to activate push notifications.

1Win Burkina Faso Winnings Payouts

All transactions on the 1Win platform are processed within an hour. The payment systems available for making payments include Burkina Faso, which is very popular in Burkina Faso:

  • Orange Money;
  • Perfect Money;
  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • MobiCash;
  • MoneyGo;

You can also withdraw money via a cryptocurrency wallet – cryptocurrency transactions are processed faster than usual and have higher maximum limits.

Open 1 win and create an account, then fund your account to start making sports and cyber sports predictions and win big prizes. Take advantage of available promotional offers to increase your chances of increasing your bankroll. If you have any questions, a user from Burkina Faso can solve them in different ways. You can contact technical support via online chat, email, phone call.