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Alongside a small squadron, the military cruiser "Talestra" was dispatched to a remote star system to guard a scientific expedition which has uncovered the ancient city of Ozzah. There is hope that the secrets contained within might help to put an end to the cataclysm known as the Mirk, thereby ending mankind's struggle for survival on what few star systems remain. But the sudden invasion of a new enemy and a string of bad luck caused "Talestra" to be thrown into a different arm of the Galaxy, inhabited by a race of warriors - old allies in the struggle against the Mirk.

The ship survived only by a miracle. The hyper-engines were damaged, and the way back will be a very long one, through worlds inhabited by unknown races, through systems long dead and through sectors under the control of their worst enemy: the militant race known as the De'Khete. What's more, strange and unexplainable things have begun occur on the ship, and much of the surroundings look strange as well. Something just doesn't seem right.

The Galaxy, as we used to know it, is doomed. In the destructive cataclysm of the Mirk, dozens of stars turn into black holes every single day. No civilized race could put up a fight against it, even with the help of former enemies who have become allies on this darkest of days.

The survivors are desperately struggling for survival on the ruins of their former grandeur. Thousands of transports loaded with fugitives are heading for the remote worlds, leaving their planets and orbital stations behind to die...

To make matters worse, another enemy soon appears on the stage: the militant race known as the De'Khete. Though they were once a clan of Mea'Tarr elders, their bodies and minds have been altered by the anomaly. What's more, they have retained their fearsome fighting capabilities, which they have since developed even further. The De'Khete are a dreadful combination of formerly great and noble warriors and the Mirk itself.



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