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CDV: "Tarr Chronicles Demo Ready for Download"

cdv Software Entertainment USA is launching gamers into fast-action space combat with today's release of the single-player demo for Tarr Chronicle...

cdv Software Entertainment USA is launching gamers into fast-action space combat with today's release of the single-player demo for Tarr Chronicles. The new demo features several missions from the game's campaign, and will challenge the dogfighting skills of the most talented space-fighter pilots. Players can also check out the game's customization options by jumping into the hanger and changing out various ship parts including hulls, energy weapons, rockets shields and much more.

The demo may be downloaded from

If you mirror the demo, please let us know and we'll add your links to the cdv USA official Web site.
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Paradox: "Premiere for Tarr Chronicles on GamersGate"

Space combat sim now available for download

New York, USA (September 18, 2007) Digital download portal GamersGate announced today that Tarr Chronicles, the much talked about space combat sim, is available for download through an exclusive premiere program.
Tarr Chronicles is schedule to ship to stores later this month and suggested retail price is 29.99 / $29.99.
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CDV:"All Pilots Report to the Flight Deck!
Tarr Chronicles has Gone Gold"

Tarr Chronicles, the science fiction-themed space combat title from cdv Software Entertainment USA and Akella has gone gold today. The game, which will have players creating custom spacecraft to do battle with a dark and imposing alien threat, will ship to North American retail on September 24, 2007.
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Paradox: "Tarr Chronicles has gone gold!"
Tarr Chronicles has gone gold!
Stockholm, Sweden (September 13, 2007) Paradox Interactive announced today that their September release Tarr Chronicles has gone gold. The space action title will hit European stores on September 28 and game sites like Gamespot expect it to get space sim fans exited again. Tarr Chronicles will retail for $ 29,99 and is rated 3+ by PEGI. The title will be released simultaneously on the download portal Gamersgate.
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Tarr Chronicles Preview by Gamespot

Stars have always appealed to people making them do things that were previously considered to be impossible or, at least, very complicated. Akella offers you one more opportunity to feel like a space ranger who zips around the interstellar desert with a big task ahead - save people in the dying galaxy.
Gamespot has dug into some more detail of the game publishing their hands-on impressions here:
"...looks like a solid space action game for fans who grew up on the epic space battles in Star Wars and other movies."






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