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Tarr Chronicles is a space-action game with strong RPG elements, targeted primarily at fans of such classics as Wing Commander: Prohecy and Freespace. It combines a unique, chaotic universe and diverse gameplay that should appeal to old-school genre fans and new space-action fans alike. There is no Light or Dark side in the world of Tarr, no innocent and no guilty - instead, there is a great war, countless worlds dying out one by one, and the destiny of one battlecruiser's crew.

The game begins as the war rages between the Mea'Tarr, a noble race, and the De'Khete, their fallen brethren. The Darkness, a force that distorts space and brings only death, had altered their essences.

As the Mirk keeps growing , the inhabited systems are slowly dying out, devastated by endless conflict. The remnants of the once-powerful Human Empire are scattered throughout the most remote parts of the Galaxy, seeking refuge from the destruction.

The power of man is dwindling
, steadily undermined by war and the endless struggle against the Mirk. The stalwart Torpan Military Alliance is a shadow of its former self, almost having been destroyed by the enemy. Hope is almost lost.

The fate of the universe appears to rest with the game's hero, a pilot in an elite fighter squad that has been dispatched to a remote star system. Led by the cruisers "Talestra" and "Singrana," the team is awaiting results from scientists who are diligently seeking knowledge that might change the outcome of the war in the favor of Man. Long months pass while the patrol groups fly their missions and battleships vigilantly watch for enemies as the scientists work as hard as they can. One day, enemy ships are spotted in the vicinity of the system, and life as everyone knows it is forever changed.

Alongside his comrades, the player will experience all the trials and suffering of people lost in the murky reaches of space. Each of the three squad members has his own fighter unit and is controlled by the AI. They constantly follow the hero and fight at his side - sometimes they will even discuss various topics amongst themselves. The player's partners are self-sufficient personalities; they each have a specific style of living and fighting, as well as a unique behavior model. A player can only survive and achieve success in the dark reaches of space by being one with the team. The partners will inform the player about their maneuvers and tactics, provide valuable advice and help out when a combat situation becomes dire.

Although t he game is packed with action, the plot is much more complex than the usual paradigm of "go / fetch / destroy." The plot doesn't simply cover the main mission line; it's an epic story that unfolds as you play the game. It's not just an accessory to the game, as is so often the case in action games, but rather an essential part of the experience.

Expect interesting, exciting, original and diverse missions, thrilling and intriguing cinematics, dynamic space combat and dizzying flights which will make your heart race - all this in a stunningly beautiful and tragic universe. It is impossible to convey the atmosphere with mere words - it's something you have to experience for yourself. You are not going to simply play the game; you will become a part of this world.


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